MA, PhD cand Pamela Meil

ISF München
Jakob-Klar-Str. 9
80796 München

Telefon: 089 / 27 29 21 - 0
Telefax: 089 / 27 29 21 - 60

Wissenschaftlerin am ISF München

  • Interkulturelle Arbeit, Industrielle Beziehungen, Verteilte Arbeit, Qualifikation und Arbeit, Arbeit und Subjekt
Beruflicher Werdegang
  • She has worked at the ISF-München since 1991 and is currently a senior research fellow and member of the governing board. Her research interests include. Training and competence development in new forms of geographically distributed work; the role of cultural interaction, global exchange and a project based organization on work and workers; the changing institutional structure and role of industrial relations in international comparison; the interaction between globalization and national adaptation processes.
  • Education: Carnegie Mellon Univ. (History) and the Univ. of Michigan (Sociology)